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For groups in April only!
+4 days (32 hours of practice) in our trainee center
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April, 23th
4 days
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At the end of the course you will:
Become demanded professional in the beauty industry
Learn how to work efficiently in a salon or on your own
Master the №1 manicure technique in the world!
Start receiving your first clients
A little bit about the course
During this course, every beginner learns how to perform a hardware manicure using an electric nail drill machine
as well as step by step process that doesn't require any cutting tool
You will get to practice the most popular salon designs.
You learn different styles and compositions that could be offered to your clients immediately after the course
You will find a detailed module about materials and equipment —
It will help you to make smart purchases instead of blind guessing.
Who is this course for?
which although master the combined technique of Russian manicure
Experienced nail technician
who want to improve their skills
Self-taught nail technicians
who want to master the technique of combined manicures and build a successful career
The school is located in the most famous Russian nail salon in Manhattan, you will be trained in a real working atmosphere.
Immersion in the Profession
Groups of up to 6 people, where each student receives individual attention from the teacher.
In the course you will find chapters on sterilization, nail diseases, manicure techniques, designs, attracting clients, legalizing work and much more.
All about manicures
We speak simple language and work persistently with technique so that you become confident in your professional abilities.
Leading by the hand
Our mission is to revolutionize the manicure and pedicure industry in the USA. Our values: kindness, professionalism, desire for growth.
No water, just our honed form of success!
Why us?
Works and reviews
Manicures have always been part of my beauty ritual, and now I decided to approach the process from a different angle.My expectations of the course were met. There was a lot of practice and everything was clearly explained.
Works from the course
Before the course I had no experience in manicure.
During the course I liked the fact that there was a lot of practice on the models, the teachers were around and always ready to help and advise. At the end of the training only good impressions.
Works from the course
At first I was very scared. But then I met wonderful teachers and all my fears disappeared! We practiced over and over again, which helped me become a professional myself and join the Russian Nails team.
Works from the course
I was waiting for this opportunity so when the open I talking to myself I need to be there.! that's way I was the first student , and this is the best investment I doing for myself. I really love all the process I this is very important to be able to learning so u can't be the best nail technician
Works from the course
Upon completion of the course you get
the school takes care of inviting models for you, teachers help you to take pictures of your work, which can be demonstrated to your first clients
a certificate + a beginner's set!
+ portfolio
Lesson program
Practice on yourself
How to remove gel

How to fix a broken nail

How to file different types of nail shape

All the steps of combined manicure in Signature Russian technique

How to build a perfect nail architecture and make a nail alignment
Day 1
9 am — 12:30 pm. You will learn:
12:30 pm — 1:30 pm
Step-by-step practice of combined manicure on yourself (gel removal, cleaning of cuticle and gel application)
1:30 pm — 3:30 pm
Practice on a real model
You will learn all about nude base and how to work with it correctly

You will practice on a model all the steps of combined manicure with an e-file machine
In the classroom
Day 2
9 am — 1:30 pm
1:30 pm — 2:30 pm
You will make your 1st Signature Russian Gel Manicure with a nude base on a real model
2:30 pm — 5:30 pm
Focus on speed
Model 1. You will focus on speed, tracking how long each step takes.

You will learn how to work with color gel polish, applying it under the cuticle on a model.
Day 3
9 am — 12:30 pm
In the classroom
12:30 pm — 1:30 pm
Continued practicing the speed of each step and application of colored gel polish under the cuticle on the model
1:30 pm — 6 pm
Design and final project
You will learn the most important and modern types of design: French design and Stamping
Day 4
9 am — 10:30 pm
12:30 pm — 1:30 pm
Together with the model you choose the design and make your final project in Signature Russian technique

Graduation party
1:30 pm — 6 pm
In the classroom
You will finalize what you have learned on a model making Signature Russian Gel Manicure
10:30 am — 12:30 pm
In the classroom
Promotion unit
You'll understand how to create your price and make your instagram page so that clients will write to you. Or how to choose a salon for work and become a top master in it.

Learn the culture of communication with the client, as a result of which, he will become a regular and will recommend you to friends
That's why our program is built in such a way that from day one you are in the atmosphere of a working salon. And from the short video lessons:
Unit from the accountant
And that's why we provide a lesson with an accountant, that will help you to:
Recorded video lessons from the owner of the studio and school Russian Nails Lana Kars
It's so important to work not only successfully, but also legally.
I remember taking the basic courses myself. And how many questions I had.

How to set the price for a manicure?
How to make the clients write to me themselves or get a job in the salon?
Recorded video lessons from practicing tax inspector since 2021 Nadia Moore
Get to know how to work officially

Get to know how to pay bills

Get to know how to get a license

Open a business account (if needed)
School command
Best in her job - to see happy future nail techs doing progress in manicure
Superpower - Theory and «how to earn money» skill
Owner of Russian Nails School & Studio
Lana Karsakova
Winner of the international professional exhibition-championship «Nevskie berega»
Experience since 2018
Top Master Salon RN
Darina Bondarenko
Practicing tax inspector since 2021
Experience in accounting 6 years, in tax preparation — 4 years.
Accountant and tax preparation specialist
Nadia Moore
Licensed master
Course fee $1900
+ bonus lesson «How to become a TOP nail artist» from the owner of the largest salon in New York, Lana Kars and lesson «How to work legally and get a license» from an accountant, Nadia Moore
Included in the price:
8 days of practice
Products needed for the course
Practicing and setting the hand with professional instructors
Course completion certificate
Deposit — $950
before the start of studying — $950
8 models in 8 days of practice
1 set of stainless steel instruments + 10% discount on materials in the store
Unit on promotion and work in the salon
Unit from the accountant
Support during training + 7 days after the course
Access to the lessons of the course — 1 month after the training
Basic set of gel nail polishes
A 100-page tutorial and a video with the theory
The RN School was created on the basis of the largest nail salon in New York, which is located in the heart of Manhattan. For 2 years, the founder of the salon Lana Kars built a salon in which 1600+ clients are served monthly and gathered the strongest technicians into a team.
Our team believes in a professional approach and also in the fact that the right environment and support play a key role in starting or building a career!

We look forward to meeting you, our dear student and future technicians!
The school was created in order to spread the world famous manicure technique and create new TOP nail artists throughout America.
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