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3 weeks
At the end of the course you would:
Become one of the most in-demand professions in the U.S.
Learn how to work effectively in a salon or on your own
Master the №1 manicure technique in the world!
Start receiving your first clients
A little bit about the course
During this course, every beginner learns how to perform a hardware manicure using an electric nail drill machine
as well as step by step process that doesn't require any cutting tool
The course allows you to work on the most popular commercial designs.
You learn different styles and compositions that could be offered to your clients immediately after the course
Also during the course you will find a detailed block on materials science,
which helps you not to blindly buy something, but to understand the product properties upon
Who is this course for?
which although master the combined technique of Russian manicure
Experienced nail technician
who want to improve their skills
Self-taught and nail technicians
who want to master the technique of combined manicures and build a successful career
Works and reviews
Upon completion of the course you get
the school takes care of inviting models for you, teachers help you to take pictures of your work, which can be demonstrated to your first clients
a certificate + a beginner's set!
+ portfolio
Lesson program
Basic Knowledge
Day 3
Day 4
Nail Anatomy, nail shapes & gel removal
Basic nail designs
Nail extensions on a paper form
French Manicure
Day 4
Day 3
Day 2
Day 1
Week 3
Final Project — Get creative!
E-file manicure and regular gel application: model practice
E-file manicure and regular gel application: model practice
E-file Manicure & Sterilization: theory and practice
Day 1
Week 1
Russian Gel model practice + nail repairs
Russian Gel model practice: pastel color. How to apply patchy colors
Russian Gel model practice. Neat color application
Russian gel application: proper nail architecture, apex and types of gel
Day 4
Day 3
Day 2
Day 1
Week 2
Russian gel manicure
Day 2
Program Schedule
Monday — Thursday
8:30 am — 1 pm
Monday — Thursday
4 pm — 8:30 pm
*you choose only morning, or only evening
Course instructors
Lana Karsakova
Owner of Russian Nails School & Studio
Superpower - Theory and “how to earn money” skill
Best in her job - to see happy future nail techs doing progress in manicure
Maria Samal
Manager of Russian Nails School & Studio
Superpower - Technique & experience
Best in her job - to make a professional out of beginner
Course fee $3150
Included in the price:
Only for July class you can split your payment into 4 interest-free payments!
1 set of iron work tools
Products needed for the course
Course completion certificate
3 weeks of training
+ bonus lesson «How to become a TOP nail artist» from the owner of the largest salon in New York, Lana Kars
1st day of 2nd week - $600
1st day of 3rd week - $600
Deposit — $450
1st day of studying — $1500
The RN School was created on the basis of the largest nail salon in New York, which is located in the heart of Manhattan. For 2 years, the founder of the salon (a teacher on the course) Lana Kars built a salon in which 1500+ clients are served monthly and gathered the strongest technicians into a team.
Our team believes in a professional approach and also in the fact that the right environment and support play a key role in starting or building a career!

We look forward to meeting you, our dear student and future technicians!
The school was created in order to spread the world famous manicure technique and create new TOP nail artists throughout America.
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