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My mission is to
transform the nail
salon industry in the USA
— Lana Kars
Founder RN Salon and school
I really want to become a nail artist, but…
You don’t know where to begin
You are unsure if you can do it
You think learning is a long process
You believe no one wants to hire a beginner
You don’t feel enough support
You lack the right people around you
You want to be 100% prepared for a new chapter in your life
That's what a lot of our students thought when they started
I’d had pretty much the same thoughts before I took my first manicure course
That is why I have decided to give you a chance to plunge into the atmosphere of a real-life salon and get the feel of how a nail pro works.
We’ve recorded an interview with our top-notch nail master, where we answer the most frequently asked beginner questions.
I have also shared my strategy of hitting $5,000 monthly, which works perfectly for newbies.
You will learn how to make a leap
to your new career and avoid mistakes
I wanted to find a place, where I could surround myself with good people and have the freedom to unleash my creativity, enjoy my job, travel a lot, and forget about working too much and making less. And I managed that.
Over the course of 4 years, I opened 2 Russian nail salons with a turnover of
The current team includes 25 + employees, which provides a manicure service to over 1,700 clients. My mission is to transform the nail salon industry in the USA.

If you wish to join me…
«I started with a 4-day course, so I believe it is the best-paying job for creative individuals!»
What does the Russian Nails Technician Course cover?
How to change your career path and avoid mistakes (The price is $100)
Lesson 1
Overcome your career change fear right now. I’ll give you a clear plan in 4 steps to help you with a final decision and the very first move.
A tour in the studio of a nail tech (The price is $50)
Lesson 2
Darina shares her experience. You will learn about the challenges facing manicure techs, how to approach the first client, and prices/tips in the industry.
A strategy to earn $5,000 (The price is $50)
Lesson 3
You will get an inside look into the career path of the RN team (I’ve never shared it with anyone before) and discover how to secure a regular income of $5,000 a month. You will also find how much a trained professional REALLY makes in my team during different stages of their career. You will get a nail technician career roadmap.
A Russian manicure technique tutorial (The price is $299)
Lesson 4
You will learn how to make a Russian manicure. We described and provided a step-by-step run-down: Removing Old Polish, Nail Shaping, Cuticle Work, Putting Rhinestones, and Applying Coating. Also, you will get helpful tips from an in-studio master on avoiding ruining a manicure and injuring your client.
Sign up for the Russian Nail Technician Live Course by clicking on the link on this page and immediately get all these video training classes – MY GIFT TO YOU FOR ONLY $49
Get video tutorials
(for only $49)
All this is available for $49
instead of $499 (you save $450)
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All this is available for $49
instead of $499
(you save $450)
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